Phone Tracker by Number  app is a robust, efficient and accurate location tracking app.  phone tracker by number is designed to help you find and locate the phones of your  family members in a very accurate and fast way. This free mobile tracker enables location tracking between family members in a private network. 

  • Phone Tracker by number is totally free for all family members. All features are FREE.


  •  Receive an instant notification when your family members move from one location to another. No need to refresh locations to get the latest location updates find and locate friends in real-time.

  •  It pinpoints your family’s exact location and provides navigational help on a map so you can route to their determined destination.

  •  See the battery charge level of your family's phones in each location.

  •  See the location history for all family members.

  •  Use it to track and locate a family member by mobile number.

  •  Family GPS tracker uses GPS or cell tracking for an optimised location tracking experience. 

  •  Use it as a phone tracker to locate and keep track of the location of your phone. Track all the locations you have visited since you installed the app. 

  •  Find family in real time following simple steps.

  •  No need to ask where are my family members, the Family Locator : Phone Tracker app is the location finder that puts this information at your fingertips. It sends you tracking alerts when your  family members are moving along the way. 

  • You can view your family locations full history on a map any time.



Full network access

This permission is required if you want to share your location information with your friends/family . 

Phone Tracker by Number Features


Access Fine Location

This permission is needed to obtain your location.  GPS (also known as ‘fine mode’) is a bit slower to initially locate you, but is usually more accurate

Access Coarse Location

This permission is needed to obtain your location. Network-based location (also known as ‘coarse mode’) gets a quick location, but is not usually accurate.


Privacy policy


Read Contacts

is used only to display your friends/family names instead of just phone numbers in case you chose to use the "Find Friends/Family" Features.

Family Locator Inc respects your privacy. Family Locator Inc offer mapping, GPS or cell Tracking  to users of Family Locator Inc mobile applications ("The Applications") .

Whenever you install the Applications, Friend Locator Inc may collect based on the usage (If you chose to opt out no information is collected ):-

●  Location  information, for example in the form of GPS signals sent by your mobile device on which one of the Applications is installed and activated.  Family Locator Inc uses this location information to create a detailed location history of all of the journeys you have made while using one of the Applications. Location Information will only be sent to the persons you select and after your approval.

● Phone book data is used by Friend Locator : Phone Tracker only to display your friends/family names instead of just phone numbers in case you chose to use the "Find Friends/Family" Features.

● Your battery status will be sent only to the persons you chose to share your location with. This info helps them to know about your remaining battery percentage.

How to Opt Out ?

● If you need to keep one of The Applications provided by Family Locator Inc. But you need to stop sharing your location info with someone, simply Go To The application settings screen --> then select the person's name and press the Delete Button. If you deleted all the persons from that screen then None of the above mentioned Information will be collected.


Friend Locator Inc uses Google Admob to to display ads on the Applications.advertisements that you see when accessing the applications may be targeted on the basis of:
●  geographic or contextual information which we collect from you.

●  Google may use the device ID from where the ad is serving to generate interest and demographic categories (for example, 'sports enthusiasts' or 'inferred age: 18-34'). These interest and demographic categories will be used to serve ads better targeted you.

To opt out of interest-based ads:

Go to Google Settings > Ads
Or visit: